Greetings! You came here because you oppose the Forever Lockdown and want ideas to fight it. We will have loads of them soon, but first things first.

Let’s stop being a punching bag and let’s start punching back.

Let’s hit them where it hurts hard and fast—in the wallet. One thing that helps all the backers of the Lockdown, Big Business, Big Tech and Big Government—lavish and frivolous spending on Christmas Shopping.

Our idea? Starve the Beast!

This holiday season, let’s take back Christmas by boycotting big business and big tech and starve the beasts of the Lockdown by slashing their Christmas profits and the tax revenue that goes right to Hochul, Biden, and Pelosi.

Big Tech, the glue that keeps the Lockdown going, makes huge profits from Christmas shopping which is heavy on computers and other electronic products.

We propose a total boycott of normal Christmas Shopping, and Christmas Travel to be replaced by urging people to make their own gifts, donate their time as a gift, and buy strictly from locally owned small firms that oppose the Lockdown and Vax Mandate and cruelly masking two-year-olds. Black Friday—out; Cyber Monday—out; Small Business Saturday—in.

Buy local. Stay local. Buy small. Make your own gifts. Donate your time to worthy causes. Starve the beasts—Big Government, Big Tech, and the Big Banks and their credit card business. Skip Disney and take a trip to your local park or house of worship instead. Reconnect with old friends and family and neighbors.